Network Systems

Data and network systems are the whole of communication systems where information and system resources are shared by different users and provide data transfer from one place to another.

These systems enable network communication as well as resource sharing via wired or wireless. Investments in data and network systems are the most long-lasting, efficient and fully rewarding investments in the field of informatics and security.

Network systems, in other words, network systems are the systems in which two or more computer hardware come together, wired or wirelessly, that provide the sharing of hardware and software resources in computer systems.

Network systems basically consist of the infrastructure that connects these systems and the connection devices on the infrastructure. While there are passive components that enable computers to be connected to each other within infrastructure systems, there are also electronic devices that provide communication over the infrastructure.

Network systems can also be thought of as systems connecting at different distances. They can be examined in four sections according to their connection distance. These sections are;

Local Area Network (LAN)
It enables the end systems that are physically located in the same space to be connected to the border routers. This system allows networks that are close to each other to connect.

Wide Area Network (WAN)
A WAN, known as the most comprehensive network, is a large logical or physical network that allows multiple devices to connect and communicate with each other. It is the widest type of network that connects networks established on a local basis. Today it is also called the Internet, and it creates a large network that enables communication through the interconnection of different LAN networks.

Personal Area Network (PAN)
PAN, referred to as Personal Area Networks, is the type of network you connect your personal digital goods to. It consists of small networks that are connected in ways such as Bluetooth, Wifi and so on. These are the points where your personal belongings such as printer, wireless mouse, telephone, computer are connected.

Metropolitan Area Network (Metropolitan Area Networks -MAN)
MAN networks, called the Metropolian Area Network, are considered as a system that includes more than one LAN system. It allows LAN networks to be interconnected and aggregated into a single network. These network systems can be included in large enterprises, organizations internally or externally by joining the system.

To create a network, we need network components consisting of software and hardware. Network components can be listed as computers, communication media, communication devices and peripheral devices. Network components can be diversified with devices such as cables, hubs, switches, routers, repeaters as hardware, and on the software side, it can be said to consist of network communication systems, communication protocols and network programs.

In a network system, the computer is the device that takes on the biggest task. Computers can undertake more than one task in the network and it can be found that there is a server (Web server, File server) or a client in a network. A system called a network can be created between at least two computers. Ethernet emerged in order to establish a connection between multiple computers. Ethernet is a type of cabling and signaling that connects systems under a local communication network. The biggest known example of these networks, which have taken a serious path with the advancement of this technology, is undoubtedly the Internet.

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