Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Fiber optic cables, which have a bandwidth that allows higher data transfer at optical frequencies, fiber optic cables that have become the basic infrastructure element of the world of the future thanks to the rapid development of modern technology, perform beam transfer at very high speeds without being affected by magnetic induction in the external environment.

Fiber optic infrastructure, network monitoring and management, is a solution that is applied for the routine maintenance tests of fiber connections to be planned or carried out automatically. OTDR devices can be used portable as well as optical switches and control devices, as well as rack mounted.

In this way, the user can troubleshoot fiber networks at any time. This process can be done when live traffic is flowing or not on the fiber network, or it can be applied regardless of whether the fibers are permanently or temporarily connected.

With this solution, which is especially critical for industries using wide fiber networks such as telecoms, companies can make a difference against their competitors by managing their networks and customers at an advanced level.

For this, it is sufficient to have OTDRs installed in a location and this is shared with the technical team and other systems. Thanks to OTDRs with web access, this solution can be implemented in any location and with any computer connected to a VPN. In this way, preventive tests can be defined and applied for easy determination of recurring problems on the fiber network.

With this smart solution, the main problem can be detected in a much shorter time and the repair time can be shortened, and regular and high quality error reporting is obtained.

By applying this solution to our customers, we help them to stay one step ahead of their competitors in simplifying their business processes and increasing their efficiency and service quality.

  • Quick Problem Detection
  • Defining Preventive Tests
  • Regular Bug Reporting
  • Creating Work Orders
  • Integration with GIS Based Systems