Camera CCTV Systems

CCTV is a camera imaging system that stands for "Closed Circuit Television". Thanks to the CCTV camera system, it can be used in functions such as traffic control, control of businesses in different regions, and control of customer traffic. The security camera system is generally used for security and precautionary purposes today.

IP Camera Systems
IP cameras, which can be used as wired or wireless depending on preference, intelligently capture and record the image at the target point (thanks to the motion detection feature) thanks to the sensors they have. These captured and recorded images are delivered to the relevant people over the network. It is possible for authorized persons to watch these images delivered to them over the network (or the internet) instantly, as well as to watch them retrospectively within a certain date or time interval, thanks to the fact that they are recorded.

Main features of IP camera systems;

  • No recorder is required. It can be stored in the device's memory.
  • Images can be viewed over the network or the internet and access to the camera can be provided.
  • Image tracking; can be performed easily from any device.
  • A special alarm can be assigned according to the need and demand. (For example; fire, burglar alarm)
  • It can record high resolution images.
  • No additional hardware or computer is required for the system to work.
The most important feature of this system, which is also referred to as "IP CCTV", is that the images can be watched instantly over a specific IP address. In this way, it is much easier to follow the image.

Analog Camera Systems
Analog camera systems are also known as “Analog CCTV”. It is placed in the necessary parts of the area to be secured. It can have a fixed or movable mechanism. The camera processes the images it detects and saves it to a recording device called “DVR”. Images recorded on this device can be viewed instantly or after recording, thanks to a special software installed on the computer.

Today, AHD camera systems are preferred. AHD “Analog High Definition” ie; means high resolution image. The only and most important difference of AHD camera systems from analog camera systems is that they can record images in 720p (HD) or 1080p (FHD) in high resolution.

What are the IP Camera Analog Camera Differences?

Common features of IP and analog camera systems;
  • It can be placed at any point of the building.
  • It allows you to follow snapshots.
  • It can record images and sound regardless of day or night.
When we compare IP camera and analog camera systems with each other, we can express the main differences as follows;
  • IP cameras broadcast images over a server. The analog camera records on a device called DVR.
  • To monitor and control IP camera images; smartphone, tablet, computer can be used. Computer software is required for analog camera images.
  • IP cameras offer extra features as they are programmable. The analog camera has no extra features. Its only task is to save images.
  • IP cameras record in high resolution. Since a conventional analog camera has low pixel values, it falls short in terms of image quality.
  • The IP camera system is much easier to install and use.
  • IP cameras have lower installation and maintenance costs.