Audio and Announcement Systems

Public address and voice alarm systems; These are the systems used for the safe evacuation of the employees and visitors in the buildings in case of emergency. These systems are all systems that enable the announcement and emergency messages to be made in case of any danger that may occur, from the determined main center to the desired regions quickly.

In order to make central warnings in large buildings and large areas, sound equipment must be installed. These systems facilitate the evacuation of people by communicating with the messages recorded in the central units in case of emergency.

Sound and emergency announcement systems are systems that allow music and siren broadcasts to be made in order to ensure that everyone in the enterprise is evacuated correctly and quickly and informed in case of possible danger in every establishment where it is installed.

As Netser, we provide a comprehensive service to our customers using advanced equipment. For this reason, we use high-tech audio and voice alarm systems manufactured by Honeywell in each of our applications.
How Do Voice and Voice Alarm Systems Work?
If we look at the working principle of voice and voice alarm systems, these systems are systems based on the rule of broadcasting in the areas where they are installed. These systems generally work together with fire detection and alarm systems. The sine qua non of these systems is of course the voice alarm module. The emergency alarm module can be used in any required area, except for fire and other emergency announcements.

Voice and voice alarm systems consist of certain units. These; microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixers and volume control units. In case of any danger, a connection is established with the speakers placed according to the project from the main control center and the necessary announcements are made.

Voice alarm speakers are very important for these systems. In addition, these systems are systems that are established to transmit from transmitter systems to receiver systems via microphones.

These systems, in which the latest technology is used, allow continuous background music to be broadcast thanks to general purpose message transmission. The main purpose of the sound and announcement systems, which broadcast music in normal times, is to make the necessary warning broadcasts in emergency situations and to ensure that people evacuate quickly from the scene.

What is the Usage Area of ​​Audio and Voice Alarm Systems?
If we look at the usage areas of voice and voice alarm systems, we see that these systems are used in almost every sector. Professional sound systems are among the indispensable systems for every facility and business.

Since the sound and emergency announcement systems are made taking into account the needs and characteristics of the area to be installed, it varies in every area. The areas of use of these systems are presented below.

  • Public institutions and organizations
  • Factories
  • Industrial Sites
  • Shopping malls
  • Large Offices
  • Schools
  • Military Units
  • Airports
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Train Stations
  • Storage Facilities
  • Cinema and Theaters
  • Universities and Campuses
  • Bus stations
  • Meeting halls