Camera CCTV Systems

CCTV is a camera imaging system that stands for "Closed Circuit Television". Thanks to the CCTV camera system, it can be used in functions such as traffic control, control of businesses in different regions, and control of customer traffic. The security camera system is generally used for security and precautionary purposes today.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire detection and alarm systems, which are one of the indispensable elements of fire extinguishing systems, ensure that the fire is detected in a minimum time interval and the system is activated.

After the smoke detector detects, it transmits to the main panel and the system notifies the fire in the detected area. In this way, it is important for the evacuation of the environment, as well as giving the chance to intervene in newly started fires.

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Alarm Automation

In order for detection and notification systems to function quickly, they must be technically error-free. In addition to regular manual controls, the most important element is automation. In this way, it is planned to provide and control vital processes by the software.

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Access Control Systems

Access control can be done using people's cards, faces or fingerprints, it is done by pre-defining on which days and at what times they can pass through the gates.

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Network Systems

Data and network systems are the whole of communication systems where information and system resources are shared by different users and provide data transfer from one place to another.

These systems enable network communication as well as resource sharing via wired or wireless. Investments in data and network systems are the most long-lasting, efficient and fully rewarding investments in the field of informatics and security.

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Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Fiber optic cables, which have a bandwidth that allows higher data transfer at optical frequencies, fiber optic cables that have become the basic infrastructure element of the world of the future thanks to the rapid development of modern technology, perform beam transfer at very high speeds without being affected by magnetic induction in the external environment.

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Audio and Announcement Systems

Public address and voice alarm systems; These are the systems used for the safe evacuation of the employees and visitors in the buildings in case of emergency. These systems are all systems that enable the announcement and emergency messages to be made in case of any danger that may occur, from the determined main center to the desired regions quickly.

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Telephone Exchanges

Switchboard systems are communication systems that enable the communication between subscribers and users in telephone networks and the automatic routing of incoming and outgoing calls.

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