Access Control Systems

Access control can be done using people's cards, faces or fingerprints, it is done by pre-defining on which days and at what times they can pass through the gates.

Access control systems are among the most equipped and technological products of today. Access Control Systems are systems used to control and limit the safe entry and exit of a person or community to a designated area. In access control systems, generally, access control points can be turnstiles, doors, elevators, parking lots or places where access is restricted. It is divided into 3 different systems in its field;

Card access control systems
The type of system created by using Proximity or mifare card and card readers includes presenting transactions such as entry and exit to you with the card reader service. In line with the equipment created by activating the smart access control system, you will be able to obtain information on many details such as personnel / visitor cards, online / offline access control panel, and extensive control program.

Fingerprint access control systems
This type of system, which can create close to 50,000 people with a separate ID in memory by directly identifying fingerprints, is observed as one of the most useful and most popular products in today's conditions. The type of system that allows a person to pass by defining 10 different fingers at once has the capacity to use it actively in many areas. With the fingerprint reader system on systems such as doors, turnstiles and parking barriers, you can have the opportunity to benefit from the system at wide intervals.

Face recognition access control systems
In face recognition devices mounted on the door or turnstile, the faces of the users who will pass are directly introduced. The type of system, which has the ability to store faces of up to 200 to 5,000 people directly into its memory, is the most useful product type among access control systems, as it is used without any contact. For this reason, you can use these product types properly in today's technology.

Video surveillance, fire detection, voice announcement, camera etc. Access control systems, which can be integrated with different security systems, can be easily managed through a single console with central management software.

Depending on the needs of the area to be secured, biometric, mobile or physical systems can be used individually or in combinations.

New generation access control systems bring many benefits besides entry and exit tracking with additional software.

  • Providing instant data for payroll
  • Automatically manage amounts loaded on meal cards
  • Making roadmaps of employees within the office
  • Locating them, taking attendance in emergencies
  • Receive incoming visitor information instantly via e-mail
  • Obtaining and archiving legal signatures required for KVKK through the system
  • Parking management

Other Electronic Security Solutions
In addition to access control systems, we offer 100% security services such as video surveillance systems used for situations that may cause security breaches, electronic product tracking solutions for crowded areas such as shopping malls, markets and offices, and security solutions such as x-ray baggage control metal detection systems.